Christina B. wrote on 3/29/2014

"If you're looking for a vocal teacher with incredible training and a passion for making music, you've found the right woman! Sheila is always up to a challenge- whether you're a beginner or trying to make it professionally. She is able to assess where students are struggling and make tweaks that can improve technique and sound immediately. Although she has a wonderfully critical ear to assist your development, she's kind and stays positive so you will walk away feeling proud and accomplished. She has a vast repertoire of music to learn and to experiment with, and she will work with you to find something that fits just right for your personality, body, and voice. Highly recommend!"


Rachel J. wrote on 8/23/2013

" As a professional performer I've worked with many voice teachers,  Sheila is one of the best.  The personal care and attention to your specific needs is phenomenal and  it is rare that you find a teacher who is so generous to their students.  When you work with Sheila, you can feel secure that every aspect of your material will shine, from picking the right pieces for you, to the right musical nuances, to how you perform.  I highly recommend training with Sheila, she's worth every penny."


Natasha B. wrote on 10/23/2013

"Sheila is a goddess. That is simply the only word that comes close to describing her. I have been a voice student with her for a little under a year, and I have experienced the most tremendous change in my voice. My friends and family have noticed the difference as well. 

Sheila is an upbeat, organized, focused woman, and her shining  qualities spill over to her teaching styles. She creates a positive learning environment, and always has her student's best interest in mind. She helps her students with audition pieces, recital pieces, and anything else.

She never fails to offer a helping hand if someone is not feeling well. Becoming a part of Sheila's studio is like becoming a part of her family." 


Daniel H. wrote on 11/19/2013

"Sheila is an incredible teacher.  In her lessons, she is always 100% invested in you.  She is very enthusiastic about her work, and she has a keen eye and keen ear for specific details.  She can immediately pinpoint the difficulties her students are having both in overall technique and in the minute details.  She always has a suggestion or exercise to help improve.  While being a very critical teacher, Sheila is always positive.  She has an innate ability to know where to draw the line so as not to destroy the confidence of her students.  With everything she asks you to do, she is great about explaining exactly why you're doing it and what the intention is.

On top of her lessons, Sheila goes above and beyond to stay connected with her students.  She is in constant communication and uses technology to share resources with her students, so they have everything they need to practice outside of lesson time.

Sheila's investment and enthusiasm are unparallelled, and her abilities as a teacher are right on par with some of the best and more experienced teachers in the Bay Area.  I highly recommend working with her."


Paul M. wrote on 11/3/2013

"Sheila is the 4th voice teacher I've had, and she's one of the better ones. She takes teaching seriously and is very professional, yet also keeps lessons fun and relaxed. She's committed to your overall success, offering additional lessons if you have an audition coming up, or using her connections to help you look for local singing opportunities. She's quick to adapt to the needs of individual students in many areas, including finding the right songs, proper technique, note-reading, musical expression, and performance. If I were to nitpick, the only con would be that since she's not also an expert pianist, she uses recordings instead of accompanying the student live. So, you won't get that practice of performing with another live musician. However, her skill in teaching and singing and her unusual commitment to her students still make her an excellent teacher."