Upper Floor Studio goes to NATS


Upper Floor Studio is participating in the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) San Francisco Bay Area Chapter student auditions at CSU East Bay in Hayward, CA. These auditions provide students an opportunity to receive constructive feedback from many teachers in our district, a chance to appear in front of many other musicians and industry experts, and also a chance to earn recognition and awards. 

ADULTS: This is a PERFECT opportunity for you to run your audition pieces and get some experience performing!


Any current Upper Floorian!

Where / When?

The weekend conference is going to be held at CSU East Bay on November 2nd. This year we probably won't be riding together, so please arrange transportation and remember to arrive about 30+ minutes early! Here is a link to the CSU East Bay Campus Map. If your transportation is an issue, please reach out and we’ll figure out a carpool or you can ride with Neil!

Auditions are scheduled in 8 minute increments by category starting at 10am.

Deadline to register is TOMORROW October 1st at 10pm!

All the details!


Total Cost for Participant - $100

(As always, we have angels that will help you if you need help, just ask!)

Registration is due by October 1st at 10:00 p.m. Payment is non-refundable

What to Bring:

  • Upper Floor Studio music bag

  • Black binder with sheet music and lined paper. Please write your full
    name on the inside cover.

  • Pen or pencil

  • Sheet music books or hard copies (We’ll discuss this as the date gets
    closer, but NATS requires that the student show the book where the photocopy is from or show proof of purchase with the student’s name.)

  • Reusable bottle of water

  • Copies of: Government-issued ID, Birth Certificate, or Passport (NOT a student ID)

What to Wear:

We'll talk about this more as the festival approaches, but wear something nice that isn't too fancy. Please understand that while your teacher is incredibly cool and hip, not all teachers are. The idea is to put your best face forward, we want to focus more on your singing than your outfit.

(Hint: if you're going to ask me if it's a good idea, it's probably not! If you can’t bend over in your dress or slacks, probably not a great choice either!)

When is my audition

Student audition times will be assigned after registration closes. You'll know your time well in advance (again, please arrive 60 minutes early... 30 minutes at the VERY latest!) Once your audition is over, you aren't required to stay and wait for results. You can check online later in the day or wait for them to be posted manually by the front entrance. If you place first in your category, you will be invited to attend the finals concert that evening. You are not required to participate! It's totally optional.