Lessons at Upper Floor Studio

Whether you're wanting to land the leading role in your middle school show, auditioning for colleges, working in the industry, or just enjoying retirement, Upper Floor Studio offers lessons that can help you advance your vocal prowess and find joy in making beautiful music.  

 With firsthand knowledge of the music industry and the musical theater scene in the Bay Area, Upper Floor Studio is a great place to improve your abilities, regardless of your current level of expertise.

We specialize in musical theatre with an emphasis on classical technique and audition preparation. We encourage students to study many different types of music including opera/art song, pop, and jazz.

All new students start as drop-in students. When another lesson time becomes available, our drop-in students are offered open spots before they are posted online.

Please see the Weekly Availability tab for a list of current, one time openings and, if you are a new student, please fill out the form below. Thanks!

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Phone of Parent/Guardian (If Applicable)
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Sheila Townsend, the lead teacher at Upper Floor Studio, will be touring internationally with Bay Area Children's Theatre. All lessons from mid-February to mid-May in 2020 will be via Zoom. *
Zoom is a video conferencing software that is used industry wide for voice lessons and master classes. It is excellent and many students end up preferring to skip Bay Area traffic altogether and use Zoom full time.
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